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Earlier this year, Propio Language Services CEO Marco Assis made a guest appearance on Slator’s SlatorPod podcast to discuss interpreting in the healthcare industry, Propio’s proprietary app, Propio ONE, and the future of Propio.

Language Services Industry Outlook

Slator is an extensive and well-established online resource dedicated to “making business sense” of the language services industry. By publishing research, resources, articles, and many other services, Slator is one of the foremost authorities in the language services industry. The SlatorPod podcast is one of the best ways to keep up with current events within our industry, and learn from important figures in the world of language services.

The Nation’s Fastest Growing Language Service Provider

Propio is now considered an expert authority on language services, as well as one of the fastest growing companies in the industry after our record growth in 2021. Slator invited Marco on the SlatorPod to discuss the level of success Propio has reached, and how we achieved it.

How Propio LS Started in Overland Park

Marco’s unusual beginnings in the language services industry, not to mention his entrepreneurial spirit and passion for interpretation technology, have combined to push Propio in this upward direction.

“I’m native in Portuguese. I lived in different countries,” said Marco. “So I personally connect with the mission that we’re trying to accomplish. I was very happy to see the United States has come along so far in terms of rights and access to the LEP population so that brings me to Propio and now the entrepreneurial bug. The willingness to start my own business and take it to the next level, that’s something that I’m very passionate about. The ability to make mistakes on our own and help develop the team and do something different.”

Benefits of Quality Language Services in Healthcare

Marco also discussed the benefits of Propio’s specialization in the healthcare industry, and how our specialization allows us to provide high-quality services at a fair rate.

“Propio is a full scope language services company, highly specialized in the healthcare domain.” He goes on to explain that “Our value proposition and how we differentiate ourselves is very important and starts from the principle that we believe it is possible to provide high-quality services at fair rates. We don’t abide by the saying ‘premium services, premium cost.’ We try to prove that wrong every day. Our technology is 100% proprietary, cloud-based, and we take a security-first approach to everything we do.”

Partnering with International Businesses With Language Services

And though we do specialize in the healthcare industry, Marco made sure to talk about the other industries that benefit from our services. “We have a footprint in government and the public sector, we service full states, counties, cities. We also have a diverse client base from insurance, education, social services, so that allows us to offer the full range of scope, and work with all clients.”

In addition to industry talk, Marco goes into detail about the inner workings of Propio — the training, recruiting, and cultivation of the high-quality services we provide.

“Interpreters are the core of everything we do, from recruiting and qualifying to working with them, training, and giving them the tools in order to increase the overall quality.”

To hear Marco talk about these topics and more — including the exciting international growth and future of Propio — we encourage you to listen to the podcast here.

About Propio Language Services

Founded in 1998, Propio Language Services is an industry leader in over-the-phone interpretation, video remote interpretation, in-person interpretation, and document translation services. With superior interpreter quality, Propio offers technology-oriented solutions to clients driving the highest value in the industry. Visit to learn more.