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Workforce Management Software for Healthcare Scheduling

We’re excited to announce the release of our newest innovative product, Propio Workforce OS Healthcare Edition! This platform is designed to streamline interpreter scheduling and workforce management in healthcare settings, in an effort to improve and reimagine the way interpreters are utilized and managed.

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Are you spending too much time managing your interpreting staff?

Inefficiency in interpretation service scheduling is costing health systems more money than ever before. Between coordinators trying to work off of multiple spreadsheets, the use of inefficient tools, and a reliance on time-consuming manual processes, the industry is losing precious time and money. This results in low utilization of interpreters, inefficient use of funds, and frustrated staff.

Benefits of a Cloud-Based Workforce Solution for Interpreter Scheduling

This cloud-based SaaS solution for interpreter scheduling and workforce management offers an easy-to-use interface that puts you in the driver’s seat. Effortlessly assign interpreters to appointments, view and change their schedules, and see which interpreter is assigned to which job. Our Workforce OS companion mobile app allows interpreters to easily view their assignments and complete jobs.

Plug in your interpreters and manage your workflow.

On average, a health system using Propio Workforce OS Healthcare Edition saves $300k with an interpreting staff of 20.


The customizable interface provides real-time visibility and the convenience of coordinating, scheduling, and viewing on-site interpretations. It enables you to quickly and easily view jobs in progress, jobs unassigned, average fulfillment time, canceled jobs, and fulfillment rates. It’s also quick and simple to assign available interpreters to each job, with the ability to sort based on your required attributes. The convenient dashboard format provides an overview of daily or weekly schedules to ensure all appointments are filled.


One of the biggest issues with this type of workforce management is communication between interpreters and schedulers.

This easy-to-use platform helps you manage the intricacies of interpreter scheduling functions, all in one place. You can communicate between interpreters, coordinators, doctors, and nurses with the chat feature, as well as automate receipts, appointment requests, and change communications. The ability to send SMS reminders and push notifications decreases duplicate jobs and overlaps, and highly-customizable email templates can be sent automatically, enabling you to easily keep all parties informed.

Key Features

  • Advanced reporting enables you to view all of your key performance metrics including average fulfillment time, canceled jobs, and fulfillment rate for any date range
  • Integrates with existing spreadsheets and EHRs to remove manual processes that often result in oversights and errors
  • Practically every setting is configurable for your unique needs
  • One place to manage, assign, and change appointments
  • Companion app allows interpreters to view and complete jobs
  • Client-branded website and independent database
  • Connects with other LSPs in your region and allows seamless integration
  • HIPAA compliant, reduces PHI exposure risk

Propio is always working toward innovation in our industry, and we are excited for the benefits that this new mobile app can bring to our clients. To learn more or schedule a demo, visit today.