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What sets Propio apart?

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Our people + process guarantee a best-in-class experience

In order to provide our clients with an experience that is second-to-none, we work to guarantee the highest interpreter quality in the industry. We do this by implementing a 9-step, proprietary vetting process to ensure that our interpreters are not only skilled in language, but also equipped to serve multiple different industries. Propio ensures that its interpreters are medically qualified and HIPAA compliant.

Propio’s Interpreter Screening Process

  • Minimum of 1 year prior professional interpreting experience (Propio average is 8 years)
  • Third-party language proficiency test with passing score of 3+ or higher on the nationally-recognized ILR scale
  • Culture fit interview
  • Mock oral interpretation to evaluate 24 quality standards
  • Resume review
  • Written medical terminology assessment
  • Background check and security screen
  • IT spec test
  • Orientation with signed commitment to confidentiality, adherence to ethics, and HIPAA compliance

Continuing Education

We know that true excellence comes from continual learning, which is why we support our interpreters as they continue their education in the field. With our interpreter portal, individuals can access reference and training materials, receive feedback, and share best practices with peers. Our Propio Quality Assurance team is led by interpreters with 20+ years of experience, and is integral in maintaining our high level of quality.

Ongoing Quality Control

When it comes to quality control, we are always looking for room to improve. By implementing client call ratings, monthly and random call reviews, as well as performance tracking, we are able to ensure that client service maintains the elevated standard we have cultivated.

“[My interpreter] connects my client to me in a meaningful enough way for therapy to occur”

“I'm a therapist who can dread the interpretation process and Susan is a delight; interpreting therapy homework assignments for my client, staying positive, and helping with scheduling. She connects my client to me in a meaningful enough way for therapy to occur. She is of high value to me!”

Aubrey, Client