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Propio Announces 2023 Employee of the Year

In early October 2023, the Propio team came together from all over the world to honor our collective achievements, as we do annually. At this celebration, one of our most revered accolades is the Employee of the Year. To earn this award, one must demonstrate command of their subject individual matter, excellence in everything they do, but most importantly, they showcase our company values in a manner that is impactful to Propio.

This year’s recipient is most deserving of their respective distinction and serves as an example for all current and future Propio employees. We are proud to announce this year’s Employee of the Year: Max Mondry.

Employee of the Year:
Max Mondry

Lead BI Architect

In the short time that Max has been with us he has grown from an intern to a key contributor in the company. He has shown time and time again that he can adapt to any situation that he is put in, and that his efforts will result in successful outcomes.

As someone who is bridging gaps between departments and company initiatives, Max has a keen ability to dig in deep to a problem and figure out the best solutions for all parties involved. Further, recognizing that his work impacts our company’s employees, interpreters, and our customers, Max always maintains the highest level of professionalism and accuracy. As a result, the way we do business is better.

Thank you, Bill and Max, for all the work you do that truly exemplifies our Propio values!