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Interpreting: I’ve been interpreting for over 2 years now.

Languages: I speak English and Spanish.

Tell us a little about yourself:

I’m always very dedicated to what I do. I always try to give my best in whatever it is that I’m doing, whether it’s personal or work matters. When I’m not at work I fully dedicate myself to my home and family.

Tell us what you enjoy about interpreting or about a unique or memorable experience:

I have had many unique experiences, but one of the most memorable is undoubtedly one where I had the opportunity to be part of the labor and delivery process. I found it very rewarding because I was able to hear and feel the support and help that all the medical staff was giving mom at that special time. Then, baby finally came into this world. I still remember baby’s first cry.

Why do you enjoy interpreting? 

It is knowing that I serve a greater purpose, where I can be of help to those people who need it and in a way be able to make that moment in their lives easier for them. Apart from that it’s also getting to learn new things and being part of different experiences.