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Interpreter: 9 Years

Languages: English and Spanish

Born: San Pedro Sula, Honduras

Enjoys: I enjoy music, arts, drawing, painting and cinema as hobbies. But what I truly love the most, is sharing kindness with all my LEPs and patients and being able to contribute for their well-being, whether I am helping them to communicate in a foreign language, with their health care provider or whether I am treating them as my own patients.

Grace is a doctor in medicine, and loves helping our LEPs. “I am always happy to be their voice, as I have a better understanding of what they are going through on the other side of the phone,” said Susan Grace.

Tell us what you enjoy about interpreting or about a unique or memorable experience.

There was this time I was interpreting for a single mom of three children, during a very cold winter, she was unemployed, and was behind with some of her utility payments, so the electricity was disconnected from her home. She had been trying to make a payment over the phone for three days straight, but failed to do so, because she could not understand the instructions from the automated system. Finally, she managed to reach an agent, and the agent got her an interpreter to communicate properly. Once I was able to interpret her issue with the agent and her payment was successfully processed, the agent informed her they were going to reestablish the energy immediately. As soon as the LEP heard, she broke in tears, and could not stop thanking us both, since one of her children was a newborn and they had a really bad time without the heater in the previous days. I was moved, and it brought so much happiness to my heart, knowing that I was able to help her and her children. This call reminded me why I interpret for people.