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Frequently Asked Questions


How do I reach Propio’s interpreters to get service?

If you are not a client, contact If you are already a client, contact the Client Success Team at, or your direct Client Success Manager

Do I need an access code?

Many clients do not need an access code because they have uniquely assigned dial in number. If you do need an access code, you can get this from the Implementation Team or Client Success Team.

Once I've signed up, how do I get started?

We have an implementation department to oversee new client onboarding. You will be assigned to a dedicated implementation manager to work closely with you to configure your account to your exact preferences and introduce the new services through a customized training plan.

What languages do you service?

We service 350+ languages. You can find a list of our most popular language codes at:

Do you translate documents?

Yes. Propio has a dedicated document translation team. We can help you translate from one language into English, or from English into another language. Our team can help with a wide variety of documents from legal to medical and internal to external. Please inquire with

Do you have American Sign Language (ASL) Interpreters?

Yes, Propio has qualified ASL interpreters available for onsite and virtual services. Please reach out to your account’s designated Client Success Manager for additional information, fees, and account settings.

How can I use a secure Telehealth or Video Conferencing Tool with an interpreter? (such as Zoom, Microsoft Teams, or Doxy)

Our Propio ONE app allows our video interpreters to send links to a client’s patient. Essentially eliminating the need for clients to use a telehealth platform when interacting with LEPs. Propio ONE is its own telehealth platform.

Connect with your interpreter over the phone as normal. Advise the interpreter you will need them to participate in your video conference. Provide the interpreter with required meeting information to dial into the meeting (such as phone number, meeting ID, password). The interpreter will place your phone call on hold while they 3rd party dial into the meeting. Keep the phone line connected for the duration of the meeting for billing purposes. Please ensure you “admit” the interpreter into the meeting if necessary and make sure all parties, including the interpreter, are not on mute. When the services are no longer needed, the interpreter will leave the meeting and disconnect the phone call.

Propio can work with you on integrations through your platform or allow our platform to coexist with yours.

Can the interpreter dial out to conference in another person or add participants to the room?

Yes. Our Propio ONE app allows you to add participants to the room. In addition, all interpreters have the ability to add another participant to the call. Advise the interpreter who they will be calling and provide the correct phone number, including area code. The end-user should notify the first “live” person. If call is routed to r/o, the coordinator will have to place the third party dial out.

Can our patient or someone outside of our organization initiate an interpreting call?

Yes. We offer LEP Direct Dial, which is a special dial in phone number specific for your Limited English Proficient patrons. Their call will connect directly to an interpreter who will greet them in the target language and then connect with your staff. This way, the Limited English Proficient patron and interpreter will already be on the phone when the call comes into you organization. It’s an overall better experience for both your staff and patrons!

Sometimes we do not know what language our patient is speaking, so we don’t know what kind of interpreter to request. How do you handle that situation?

We provide a “Point to Your Language” poster that will assist in this situation. Our LEP direct dial option is also a helpful option. LEP Direct Dial is a special dial in line we can setup for your Limited English Proficient patients to call into directly and the interpreter will then call the hospital or facility. This way, the patient and interpreter already are on the phone when the call comes into your organization.

Do you record calls?

Propio Language Services’ proprietary telephony and video platforms, in combination with a top tier telephony technology provider, allows us to provide our clients best-in-class over the phone interpretation (OPI) and video remote interpretation (VRI). As part of our ongoing mission to provide the best quality experience for our clients, our platform includes OPI call recording capabilities.

Propio call recordings are protected both while in-motion and at-rest using symmetrical AES256 encryption. The recordings are stored for up to 60 days before being automatically deleted from all platforms. Access to the recordings is controlled by a role-based security system and is granted only to authorized Propio personnel. All access requests are logged. Propio utilizes the recordings for internal quality assurance monitoring.

Propio is required to maintain compliance with HIPAA regulations, strict privacy, security, and confidentiality policies. Consequently, Propio does not provide call recordings to clients.

Can I have a copy of a call recording?

Call recordings are not available to be shared with clients due to HIPAA compliance regulations.

I want to provide feedback about my experience with an interpreter, who can I contact?

Propio strives to ensure a high-quality experience every time. For positive as well as constructive feedback including technical or telephone carrier issues, or interpreter issues and compliments. At the end of every call there is a 1-5 quality survey. We encourage all our clients to utilize this survey after every call. Low scores are evaluated by our Quality Control team and high scores are recorded as a metric on our interpreters’ scorecards. If you need to report a concern, please email as many details as possible to

Here is a list of basic information that is helpful if included with every submitted concern:

  • Number dialed in to
  • Number dialed from
  • Time zone
  • Cell or landline
  • Account number/access code
  • Contact info: name, phone, email
  • Date and time of call(s)

I need to update the account contact information, who do I contact?

Propio takes our client’s security seriously. Because account information cannot be shared with anyone not on file in our records, it is important to have your designated account representative initiate all updates and changes. Our Client Success team is more than happy to assist, please send initial inquiries to Please note, Propio will not make any update to an existing account without explicit instructions for the change via email.

What should I do if my call was disconnected?

Unfortunately, occasional disconnects will happen in the same way internet or tv connections can cut out momentarily. This is due to both parties telephony carriers. When a disconnect occurs please dial back in, the carrier will route differently and you will be connected in seconds.

Why did my interpreter deny service?

Very rarely, you may connect with an interpreter who advises they cannot continue the call. This may occur if the session contains a sensitive topic, conflicts with the interpreters’ religious beliefs, if the call length is excessive, or if the conversation contains highly technical terminology (such as complicated legal or medical procedures). While we know this is a frustrating situation, it is best practice to end the call and dial back to connect with a different interpreter. Always advise the interpreter at the beginning of the call if you are expecting the call to require difficult jargon, contain a sensitive topic, or will be an expected call length over 45 minutes.

Do you support virtual simultaneous interpretation?

Simultaneous interpretation can be useful for large virtual meetings or conferences. It requires a different skillset, which some Propio interpreters have.

If there is a need for a simultaneous interpretation session, please contact In the request, please provide the details of the event with the number of participants, language(s), and skillset needed. We can leverage your conference platform.

Are your interpreters certified?

Propio interpreters are all medically qualified. To be in our interpreter pool, you must pass our proprietary vetting process. Qualification leads to legal and medical certification for interpreters. 100% of Propio’s interpreters are medically qualified.


In what situations do I need to pre-schedule an interpreter?

  • Propio is designed to be an on-demand service, but certain situations can be improved by scheduling your call, in advance.
  • You have an LEP who speaks a language of limited diffusion
  • You need interpreters for more than one language at a time
  • You’d like to have an interpreter join your Telehealth or Webinar meeting with a specific link

How do I schedule an Onsite, Over the Phone, or Virtual Interpreter?

Scheduling procedure depends on your Account set up and permissions.


How can I get my invoice in Excel format?

Propio’s updated Client Portal allows immediate visibility on past and current account activity. The Propio Client Portal also allows for easy reporting with multiple filtering options and has several different formats available. Please reach out to your Client Success Manager for access permissions and more information.

How can I pay a bill?

Propio’s Finance department can accept payments via the below options. Please contact your designated Client Success Manager for additional questions and set up requirements. Soon you will be able to handle payment in the Client Portal.

  • “Click To Pay” link on invoice
  • ACH
  • Wire Transfer
  • Mail in Payment

Can I get separate bills for each location?

Yes, we can setup billing in a multitude of ways to best fit each client’s unique needs.

I have a question about my bill, who do I contact?

Propio has a dedicated team to review and investigate all invoice disputes. If you have questions about a specific line item on your invoice, please forward the applicable invoice to, while also clearly identifying the call(s) in question by providing the day, time, and language of the call.

I need a copy of Propio’s W9 for tax purposes, who do I contact?

Please send an email request to with your account number and contact information.