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Resolution to Recognize

Celebrating Women’s Equality
Featuring Leaders that Inspire within Their Departments


August 26th commemorates the day in 1920 when women were granted the right to vote in the United States. This significant milestone not only marked a victory for gender equality but also paved the way for progress and equality in countless areas. On this day, over one hundred years later, Women’s Equality Day serves as a reminder of the ongoing fight for equal rights and opportunities for women. It is a day to honor the courageous women who fought for change and to inspire future generations to continue the pursuit of equality for all individuals, regardless of gender or ability.

Today we want to recognize two women of Propio who inspire us with their expertise, exceptional leadership, and continued value they bring to our team!

Meet Lunilia, Sr. Manager, Scheduled Operations

Favorite Book: War and Peace by Leo Tolstoy

Favorite Restaurant or Cuisine: Italian, Asian, and Mediterranean cuisine

Hobbies: Tennis and baseball (Luni may not outwardly volunteer this information because she is humble, but she is an amazing competitive tennis player)

Something about me: I was born in Venezuela. I had the opportunity to travel the world. I lived in Africa, Asia, South America, and Europe. I speak English, Spanish and French fluently, and enjoyed the opportunity to learn firsthand about many different cultures around the world. My diverse background and education, combined with my love of language, brought me to the Language Services Industry in 2012.

I am a proud mother of three , and I have five grandchildren.

I look up to: My father, it was an excellent role model. He passed away in 2015 and he still inspiring young generations in my country through his literature.

Proudest Career Moment:

One of my proudest career accomplishments was supporting and providing Interpreting services to the 20th Anniversary of the Dayton Peace Accord. The weight of how devastating this war was and having the privilege of being part of this celebration by supporting the language needs, it is something I will never forget.

I was responsible for all the logistics and planning. It was not an easy task to undertake due to the complexity of this event. Not only the language combinations needed but also the delicate balance of making sure that the equipment, interpreters and sound engineer were perfectly synchronized.

We had our former President William J.  Clinton, the Mayor of Sarajevo Dr. Ivo Komsic, Matt Joseph Dayton City Commissioner, Igor Crnadak, Bosnia and Herzegovina foreign affairs minister; Maureen Cormack, U.S. ambassador to Bosnia and Herzegovina; Josip Paro, Croatian ambassador to the U.S.; Valentin Inzko, the High Representative to Bosnia and Herzegovina; Mate Granić, former Croatian vice president; and U.S. Ambassador Christopher Hill, who helped negotiate the Accord.


Meet Kelsea, Software Engineer


Favorite Book: I should probably choose some motivational or business-related book, but I’m not going to. My favorite book is Foundryside by Robert Jackson Bennett.

Hobbies: I’m a major nerd. I enjoy tabletop role-playing games and video games, and I’ve recently gotten into painting and 3D modeling since I’ve started 3D printing.

Typical Workday: I spend every day trying to solve problems, but that’s vague and generic sounding. The bulk of my day is spent writing code, meaning I’m implementing new features, fixing bugs or issues, and ensuring our code and our applications are the best that they can be. I also spend a lot of time collaborating with my fellow engineers to review their code, receive feedback on my own code, and brainstorm the best way to solve whatever problem we’re trying to solve or to deliver the best experience to our users. I think of my job as being very much in the background of what Propio does. If no one has to think about what I do, then I’m doing my job well because that means our applications are working in a seamless and user-friendly way.

Proudest Career Moment: 

One of the accomplishments I’m proudest of in my career so far would be designing and implementing our current authentication and authorization layer.
Before I joined Propio as a software engineer, I worked in identity access administration, so I enjoyed exercising some of the skills and knowledge I had from that past life. When I was working on that project, there was a lot of pressure to get it done quickly but securely, and I was pleased with how it came out. That was my first big project at Propio, so I think it will always stand out to me, especially with all of the positive feedback I received throughout the whole process.