Business Language Services Nationwide

Deliver Propio’s top-notch language services to clients, with your brand at the forefront.

Why choose a business-to-business partnership with Propio?

Elevate your brand’s service offerings

Propio can enhance or supplement the language services that your organization provides. Our remote interpreting service will connect your clients with interpreters who have been tested in the most-desired skill sets — healthcare, law, education, and more.

When your clients connect to the system, they hear your organization’s name as the provider, while we handle the work in the background. It’s your brand or label the client sees, and you maintain the relationship with your clients.

Who benefits from white-label services?

Language service companies who wish to add over-the-phone interpreting to their suite of offerings for existing clientele and new prospects

Language service companies who may already provide some remote interpreting, but wish to enhance their outreach with access to qualified interpreters in more than 200 languages. This is useful in overflow situations, as well as connecting to interpreters in languages of limited diffusion.

Major call centers or service organizations who are handling large volumes of interpreting work

Enjoy a streamlined white label process

Propio will handle the initial training of your staff on the finer points of remote interpreting advantages and features, and will ensure that your company has access to marketing materials. Our team will be there with assistance in providing data and telephone support when approaching prospective clients, and will work to stay current in ongoing industry information and best practices.