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Propio Announces 2023 Manager and Employee of the Year

In early October 2023, the Propio team came together from all over the world to honor our collective achievements, as we do annually. At this celebration, two of our most revered accolades are the Employee of the Year and the Manager of the Year. To earn these awards, one must demonstrate command of their subject individual matter, leadership within their team, excellence in everything they do, but most important, they showcase our company values in a manner that is impactful to Propio.

This year’s recipients are most deserving of their respective distinctions and serve as an example for all current and future Propio employees. We are proud to announce this year’s Manager and Employee of the Year: Bill Guyer and Max Mondry.

Manager of the Year:
Bill Guyer

Director of Security and Compliance

From the very beginning of his career with us, Bill has taken the initiative to learn as much as he can about every facet of our business. As a result, he can sit in on client and vendor meetings and speak with authority.

He is a very curious person, and is the first one—sometimes the only—to ask follow-up questions. He never leaves a situation without asking if he can assist in some way. Bill recognizes that his customers are not just our employees, but the clients that our employees serve. He strives to make sure that at every opportunity we are providing the top tier of service and educating others while we do it. And he has always helped to spread the word and provide as much assistance as possible in any engagement activity that we have and especially so if it gives back to the community.


Employee of the Year:
Max Mondry

Lead BI Architect

In the short time that Max has been with us he has grown from an intern to a key contributor in the company. He has shown time and time again that he can adapt to any situation that he is put in, and that his efforts will result in successful outcomes.

As someone who is bridging gaps between departments and company initiatives, Max has a keen ability to dig in deep to a problem and figure out the best solutions for all parties involved. Further, recognizing that his work impacts our company’s employees, interpreters, and our customers, Max always maintains the highest level of professionalism and accuracy. As a result, the way we do business is better.

Thank you, Bill and Max, for all the work you do that truly exemplifies our Propio values!