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If you’re in a global business that requires frequent meetings and conferences with associates and clients, it’s possible you’ve had to contact a reliable interpreter service provider for assistance. We’ve given you 6 helpful tips for working with an interpreter, but it’s also important to know how to prepare for your interpreter’s arrival.

Review the content – If you’re going into a conference or a meeting where your clients or audience may not speak your language, review the context of the material you’re going to cover, see if you’ve included regional dialect or idioms that may not be as easily interpreted. Adjusting the verbiage and being conscious of what will be interpreted to the non-language speaking audience will simplify the process for the interpreter.

Inform the interpreter – Fill the interpreter in on the content of the meeting. If you have the opportunity, email the agenda, notes, speech, or content the day before. Are you using visuals? Make the interpreter aware of your presentation, explaining the visual tools you’ll be using. This gives the interpreter direction and allows them to better prepare.

Meet the interpreter – It’s always a good idea to meet and touch base with the interpreter before the meeting or conference. The pre-meeting is a good time to notify them of any last minute changes (if any). Discuss and answer questions the interpreter may have regarding the material. If there’s terminology that shouldn’t be changed to keep the integrity of the content, let them know.

Last minute tips: Keep your pacing at a normal speed, avoid speaking in too many sentences at once. Remember to pause after each thought to allow for the interpreter to do their job. Speak directly to your audience, even if they do not speak your language. Feedback or questions from clients or an audience will be directed towards you, so remember to answer the person back directly. The interpreter is to be a neutral presence, and is not take your place leading the meeting or conference, nor are they to answer questions for you.

If you’ve prepared for a meeting or conference, then your next step is to contact a professional interpreter service to schedule an on-site interpretation service. With over 22 years in the language industry, Propio Language Services offers over 2,000 interpreters and 200 languages. Scheduling an appointment is a simple, seamless process. Contact us 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.