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Today Propio announced the acquisition of Ohio-based LSP Ware. LSP Ware’s workforce management software offers a seamless, end-to-end solution to connect language service companies, healthcare customers, and interpreters.

With the acquisition, Propio adds innovative software capabilities to its communications platform for all-in-one interpreting management and delivery.

LSP Ware’s advanced technology and Propio’s expertise in remote interpreting will create the industry’s most comprehensive communications platform.

“We constantly invest, innovate, and improve in order to remain at the forefront of the industry,”

said Propio CEO Marco Assis.

“The acquisition of LSP Ware will allow us to round out our technology offering, creating a seamless end-to-end experience for our clients. Synergizing our platforms will make language service access, scheduling, and management more centralized. Adding these software capabilities to Propio’s already robust platforms will save our clients time and simplify their operations.”

About LSP Ware

LSP Ware was founded in 2011 and offers industry-disrupting solutions that help healthcare organizations and language services providers manage their operations and provide quality services to the communities they serve. Its flagship product, Atrium, is designed to create seamless workflows, connect customers and interpreters, handle bookkeeping, and manage interpreter scheduling and assignments.

    Atrium streamlines efforts by:

  • Quickly connecting customers with qualified interpreters
  • Offering advanced interpreter scheduling
  • Tracking and vetting interpreters
  • Managing your schedule
  • Sending your invoices
  • Empowering your customers with options and control

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Doug Smith, LSP Ware’s CEO, will stay on as Propio’s General Manager of LSP Ware.

“We are celebrating our tenth anniversary this year and have been working with Propio for most of that time,” said Smith. “Combining LSP Ware’s powerful scheduling system with Propio’s excellence in remote interpreting is a perfect match. Together we are going to transform the industry.”

About Propio Language Services

Founded in 1998, Propio Language Services is an industry leader in phone, video, and in-person interpretation, as well as document translation services. Propio offers superior interpreter quality to its clients and uses technology-oriented solutions to drive the highest value in the industry. To learn more, visit

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