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How important are customer service interpreters for businesses? Think about your customer service experiences. Say you’ve just purchased an item and realized you made a mistake on your order. Or perhaps you want to buy products online and have questions. What do you do? Naturally, you contact customer service to help you with your purchase. But what happens when you call and no one at customer service speaks your language?

For businesses with international buyers, offering customer service interpreters is imperative, but what if your customers are U.S. based, or local? Sadly, for millions of Americans, poor customer support experiences happen every day due to language barriers. As of 2013, approximately
61.6 million
individuals, foreign and U.S. born, spoke a language other than English at home in the United States.

Offering multilingual customer support is key for businesses to provide positive customer experiences that build trust and brand loyalty. Utilizing professional interpreters as an extension of customer service helps businesses thrive!

Why Offer Customer Service Interpreters?

If providing customer service interpreters seems daunting…consider what you’re missing out on without proper language support.

Connecting With New Markets Willing to Buy:

The consumer buying power of Limited-English proficient populations will continue to show considerable growth. Hispanic and Asian-American populations alone represent 70% of LEP consumers in the United States, and providing excellent language services means not missing out the opportunity to connect with and serve new markets.

People Prefer to Shop in Their Native Language:

A report on Global Consumer Online Buying Preferences by Common Sense Advisory found that people prefer to shop in their native language. 52.4% of 2,400 online customerssurveyed only bought products in their native language, and 75% of people prefer to buy products in their native language.

Hispanic Buying Power Outpaces Non-Hispanic Buying Power

The increase in Hispanic buying power is more than twice the 76% growth in non-Hispanic buying power since the turn of the century. The U.S. Hispanic market is expected to reach $1.7 trillion by 2020

Asian Languages Buying Power

The Asian market, roughly 18.3 million Americans, was $825 billion in 2015 and is projected to grow to $1.1 trillion in 2020

Poor Customer Service Experiences Lose Business

According to research byNewVoiceMedia58% of consumers say calling is their preferred method of communication and 51% report that they would never use a company again after a negative customer service experience.

3Ways Customer Service Interpreters Help Businesses

Enhance Customer Service and Build Trust – Strong communication skills are necessary to resolve issues quickly and build customer relationships that foster brand loyalty. Multilingual support from qualified phone interpreters ensures that issues get resolved faster and increase customer satisfaction.

Video Interpreting Can Improve In-Store the Buying Experience – Having an on-demand video interpreting solution for physical stores can make Limited-English speaking customers more confident in shopping at your location, where they know they can get their questions and issues resolved in their preferred language.

Eliminate Long Wait Times to Connect With Multilingual Staff – For small businesses, it can be difficult to ensure that multilingual staff is always available, especially for less frequently spoken languages. When a language barrier arises, customers won’t wait on hold forever. Having on-demand customer service interpreters protects the support experience by having the ability to eliminate language barriers (and buying barriers) in seconds.

Propio Language Services Can Help With Customer Service Interpreters

Telephonic Interpretation: Connect with over 4,000 professional interpreters in over 300 languages. Telephonic customer service interpreters can improve the support offered to Limited-English speaking customers quickly and effectively at a low per minute rate that’s available when you need it with no long-term contract…24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year!

Video Remote Interpretation (VRI): Video Interpreting is an on-demand solution that can fill the gap between over-the-phone and on-site interpretation services, making it possible to gain visual support with enhanced accuracy, see facial expressions and confirm the meaning of non-verbal communication and help the conversation for you, your interpreter and your non-English speaking customers.

Translation Services: Written translation can be very valuable for providing non-English speaking customers with your written materials. In order to help you better serve your customers, Propio Language Services has the capacity to professionally translate materials from English to over 100 target languages and vice versa. Our translators are subject-matter experts to ensure that you get the most qualified translator for your project.

On-Site Interpretation:Have a meeting be planned in advance at your physical location? Propio provides On-site Interpreters that can be at your location to help you communicate with non-English speaking clients.

Propio Language Services has been helping organizations improve customer experience with professional customer service interpreters since 1991. Propio knows that when language barriers arise, customer support is key. Our goal is to help our clients provide the highest quality language support to limited-English speaking customers.

Connecting Humanity Through Technology: The Importance of Offering Language Services as an Organization

Are you ready to take your multilingual support to the next level with customer services interpreters? Contact us today for a free quote. We’re here to help you provide the highest quality language services for your customers! Need a more reliable language services provider? Ask us about incentives and assistance for switching.

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