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⚪   Translation

Transforming content from one language to another.
Translating written content from one language to another with a focus on translating the message and preserving the writer’s intent.

⚪   Localization

Adapting content for the culture and requirements of a target market.
Adapting the message and delivery of content to fit the target market’s cultural, social, technical, geopolitical, and governmental requirements. Localization is most commonly associated with software, website, mobile application, multimedia, and e-learning systems.

⚪   Desktop Publishing

Manipulating the layout of English and/or translated documents and web pages.
This the process of perfecting the layout of a document including text along with any visual elements.

⚪   Subtitling and Closed Captioning

Inserting text corresponding to the dialogue in a video.
Inserting text corresponding to the dialogue in a video either in the same language as the speakers or in a different language.

⚪   Voice Over

Replacing the audio track in a video with one in another language.
Voice over, sometimes called “dubbing,” replaces the audio track in a video with one in another language using voice talent to bring life to videos in other languages.

⚪   Transcription

Transforming audio/video content into the written word.
Audio and/or video content can be transcribed to create a script, with or without a description of other auditory cues like music and sound effects.

⚪   Braille Translation & Printing

Transcribing and/or printing documents in Braille.
English and Spanish documents can be transcribed into and printed in Braille to create accessibility for blind and vision impaired Braille readers.

⚪   508 Compliance 

Preparing PDF documents to ensure screen-reader compatibility.
508 remediation involves ensuring that PDF documents can be transformed into the spoken word via e-readers to ensure accessibility for individuals with disabilities.

⚪   Events Interpreting

Interpreting at conferences, meetings, presentations, and other events.
Conference interpreters facilitate communication in events, such as conferences, meetings, and presentations.

⚪   Video Interpreting

Language interpreting using live video
Video interpreting allows individuals to connect to a remote interpreter to help facilitate communication. Video interpreting works on laptops, smart phones, and tablets equipped with a speaker, microphone, webcam, and reliable internet.

⚪   Over-the-Phone Interpreting

Language interpreting using phone
Over-the-phone interpreting allows individuals to connect to a remote interpreter to help facilitate communication. Over-the-phone interpreting facilitates interactions with clients and teams across the globe.

⚪   Systems Integration

Propio develops technological integrations into various types of systems including web, content, knowledge, learning, digital assets management systems.

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