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Our on-demand reporting portal is where you can get an overview of your account, run customized usage reports and submit disputes.


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Vu Document Translation

Our written translation and localization of documents, digital content, and media in over 125 languages

Link to Vu Order Basics document

Vu is our Translation Management Platform. Log in to create translation related projects, upload files, review and approve project quotes, view completed projects and projects in process, download completed files, or communicate with your Project Manager.

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Remote Interpreting Login

Propio ONE allows access to audio and video on-demand interpreting. Log in here to access on-demand remote interpreters. If you need a login, contact


Pre-scheduled Calls

Even though Propio’s services are best utilized in an on-demand fashion, there are instances when pre-scheduled calls are necessary, such with languages with limited diffusion. Each scheduled call carries a 30-minute minimum and must be scheduled at least 24 hours in advance (we do recommend 48-72 hours’ notice to offer the best chances of securing an interpreter).

Link to OPI Language List document

Link to Tips and Pre-scheduled Calls document

Link to Onsite and Virtual Requests document


Technical Requirements

To ensure that all the available network resources required are accessible for Propio ONE to perform properly and efficiently, please provide the document below to your network security and firewalls administrator or IT department. If you or your IT team have any questions about the Propio ONE Whitelist requirements, please reach out to us and we will further assist you.

Link to Propio ONE Technical Requirements document


Training Videos

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Onsite Scheduling Login

LSPWare’s Atrium is the preferred Interpreting Management and Scheduling System for Propio.  Log in to request an on-site or scheduled video-remote interpreter or check status of previously submitted requests.  For requests or changes made within 24-hours, please contact the Scheduling Team at 877-492-7754, Opt 1 for immediate assistance. Click here to watch a training video: How to Submit a Pre-Scheduled Request Training Video.

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