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Reliable In Person Interpreting Services

Why choose on-site, in-person interpreting?

High-quality interpreting services for all facets of the community

Our access to in-person interpreting services isn’t just limited to the Kansas City metro area. We also have excellent national partnerships that allow us to bring our in-person interpreting services across the United States. We interpret in hospitals and clinics, courtrooms and legal offices, and in community programs and schools. We are also a provider of American Sign Language (ASL) services.

An elevated industry standard of interpreter quality

The key to our success is that we provide our clients with experienced interpreters who love what they do. Propio has a devoted scheduling team, ensuring that the interpreter will arrive on-time and ready to interpret — and at a cost consistently below the industry average.

Our Interpreter Quality Plan sets Propio apart from our competitors in the language industry. All interpreter candidates are 18 years of age or older, thoroughly vetted, and must undergo a quality control process. It’s important to note, on average, only 20% of prospective contract interpreters pass the screening and interpret for Propio.

Innovative, accessible connection

Propio in-person interpreters enable communication between medical professionals and patients, social services agencies and those in need, teachers and parents, and many other situations. We connect people who need to be connected.

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