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Because we accept
nothing less than excellence

We have the best quality interpreters in the industry because we hold ourselves to the highest standards of quality in everything we do.

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We follow strict standards to ensure that our interpreters abide by industry-recognized ethics and HIPPA, FERPA, and GLBA requirements.

  • HIPPA-trained & Background Checked
    Propio’s interpreters and administrative staff are required to be trained on HIPPS compliance and pass background checks.
  • Business Associate Agreement
    We provide signed Business Associate Agreement, commiting to HIPPA compliance and specific notification and remediation steps.
  • Confidentiality Agreements
    Propio’s interpreters and staff understand the important of safeguarding PHI through signed confidentiality agreements.


Our technology is HIPPA-compliant from interpreter scheduling to invoicing systems. (Proprio ONE, Workforce OS, Vu Platform )

  • Virtual Private Cloud
    Deployed with multiple layers of security and firewalls and leverages AWS best practised for HIPPA-compliant applications, among others.
  • Audits
    Annual third-party security and HIPPA compliance audits.
  • Certification
    Propio’s hosted data center are SSAE 16 Type Certified, PCI DSS 3.2, SOC 2 Type 2 and fully HIPPA compliany.
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Your Compliance Partner for Patient Confidentiality

Propio is your language access compliance partner. From compliance-trained linguists to HIPAA-compliant systems, we supply the tools and resources you need to effectively communicate with your patients every day.

Keeping PHI confidential and secure is vital in the healthcare industry. We understand that language access compliance in healthcare necessarily includes HIPAA-compliance. That’s why we designed our medical interpreting and medical translation solutions with confidentiality and security in mind.

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Quality Criteria: All interpreters must meet these quality requirements


  • Uses appropriate opening phrase to start call.
  • Identifies him or herself and their role.
  • Greets the Limited English Proficient (LEP) individual warmly.


  • Demonstrates a friendly tone of voice.
  • Demonstrates courtesy and respect.
  • Demonstrates good voice projections.
  • Uses good mediation techniques.
  • Demonstrates good interpersonal skills.
  • Remains unbiased.

Key Skills

  • Demonstrates excellent English and target language speaking skills.
  • Demonstrates proficiency with related industry terminology.
  • Demonstrates proficiency without equivalencies.
  • Demonstrates complete and accurate renditions.

Call Handling

  • Uses direct speech, first-person interpretation.
  • Avoids interrupting or talking over others.
  • Uses good intervention techniques.
  • Maintains or changes register.
  • Keeps the source speaker informed.
  • Avoids taking over conversation.
  • Uses good note-taking skills and is organized.
  • Mediates cultural differences.

Quality Monitoring: Insights and Connectivity

We closely monitor multiple factors associated with the connectivity between two endpoints to ensure optimal audio and video performance for our users

  • Active Interpreter and Customer Connectivity Monitoring
    Propio’s interpreters and staff understand the importance of safeguarding PHI through signed confidentiality agreements.
  • Remove and Improve
    We remove interpreters from the pool who may be experiencing poor connectivity. We then work with the interpreter to improve their connection speeds and reinstate them as soon as possible.

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