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Optimize Your Interpreting Staff

A comprehensive healthcare scheduling and workforce management solution.

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Make Scheduling Fast & Easy

With Workforce OS Healthcare Edition, everyone stays in the know. Staff enjoy the convenience of coordinating, scheduling and viewing on-site interpretation appointments all from the same interface.


Advanced Reporting

Provides key performance metrics including average fulfillment time, canceled jobs, and fulfillment rate for any date range

Integrations with
Spreadsheets and EHRs

Removes manual processes that often result in oversights and errors

Chat Feature

Communicate between interpreters, coordinators, doctors, and nurses by job and as needed

Automate &
Customize Emails

Create and automatically schedule emails to confirm receipts, appointment requests, and changes

SMS and Push Notifications

Send and schedule notifications to decrease duplicate jobs and overlaps

Client Branded

Customize the look of your site and pages with colors and logo

HIPAA Compliant

Secure site reduces PHI exposure risk to keep your patients’ information safe

Companion App

Interpreters can easily view their assignments and complete jobs


Enhanced Performance

Workforce OS Healthcare Edition provides the functionality you need to optimize your interpreting staff

Usability: Intuitive interface that is quick and easy to learn
Scalability: Functions and benefits that grow with your business
Reliability: Fully HIPAA compliant, safe and secure and always there when you need it
Affordability: Tremendous value that won’t break the bank

Seamless Scheduling

Workforce OS Healthcare Edition’s custom interface allows healthcare systems to:

Connect with your staff interpreters, your contracted vendors and Propio’s interpreters all on one platform
Ensure interpreters have the proper skills, experience and credentials, for each patient appointment
Automatically calculate billing and track expenses by department
Include travel time in interpreters schedules
Compare pricing from different service providers

Simplified Reporting

Generate internal and external utilization, wait time and ROI reports
Easily bill back charges to specific departments
Provide key performance metrics including average fulfillment time, cancelled jobs, and fulfillment rate for any date range

The Companion Interpreter Mobile App

Workforce OS Healthcare Edition mobile app offers simplified and time-saving features to
interpreters, such as:

Workforce OS Healthcare Edition is available for both iOS and Android devices

Immediate ability to accept or decline an assignment
Accurate, client-approved timesheets that can be submitted quickly
Step-by-step directions to the on-site interpretation assignments
Mileage tracker for easy reimbursement
Reminders to ensure appointments aren’t overlooked or forgotten
Built-in signature field for customer consent or approval, which can be signed with a stylus or finger
Time tracking tools to document hours
Single-click upload of all information to the database

Optimize your interpreting staff today

Plug in your interpreters, manage your workflow, and transform your communication with Propio Workforce OS Healthcare Edition.

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