Interpreter Assessments & Testing in the US

Determine the readiness and competency of bilingual employees or interpreters with Propio’s assessment.

What is Propio’s Interpreter Skill Assessment program?

Quality is Propio’s top priority.

Interpreting is a complex task that requires not only extensive professional training, but real-life experience as well. At Propio, we hold client experience in the highest regard, and have created these assessments to ensure our interpreters’ success while enhancing the industry as a whole.

Dual-role Interpreter Assessment (DIA)

DIA is recommended for bilingual employees with documented proficiency in two languages. The assessment usually does not take more than 30 minutes and covers language proficiency in English and the target language, as well as comprehension ability and basic conversation skills.

Interpreter Skills Assessment (ISA)

ISA is designed for current interpreters to measure their interpreting skills and knowledge, and identify any areas that would benefit from improvement. This assessment takes approximately 30 minutes and covers advanced language proficiency in English and the target language. For a well-rounded assessment, our ISA also includes interpreting skills and ethics, interpreting protocols, and tests the interpreter’s knowledge of terminology.

How it works

Our assessments are administered virtually by experienced interpreters who have undergone intensive
training in test delivery and rating. These evaluators have a rich variety of professional qualifications, backed
by years of active work in the interpreting field.

Topics covered in DIA

  • Vocabulary
  • Accuracy
  • Grammatical correctness
  • Active listening
  • Information retention
  • Roles of the interpreter
  • Presentation and delivery
  • Customer service skills
  • Professional demeanor
  • Knowledge of terminology

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