PRESS RELEASE: Propio Language Services acquires Portland’s Telelanguage


Product Release: Propio Language Services releases new feature in Propio ONE

Propio Language Services   |   Oct. 20 2022


Propio is making new strides toward accessibility as we introduce the newest feature within our proprietary app, Propio ONE.

Propio Language Services is dedicated to providing the highest-quality remote interpreting and translation services in the industry. We focus on hiring, vetting, and training language service experts who will help institutions around the world receive top-notch service, no matter where they are geographically.

Propio ONE has been leading the way in these efforts by providing user-friendly, one-touch access to our interpreters, and we’re thrilled to announce that the app now makes it even easier for users to find services in the language they need. “Point to Your Language” allows users to scroll through examples of multiple languages, so that the LEP can point to which language they are speaking. This lets the end user (doctors, nurses, teachers, administrators, etc.) quickly know which language to request for an interpreter. They can then click the audio or video icon to call the interpreter for that language in one touch.

The new “Point to Your Language” feature will not only make the interpretation process faster and more efficient, it gives users yet another layer of control as they navigate the different language barriers they encounter each day.

If you would like to see this new feature in action, please request a demo today!

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