A Guide to Choosing the Right Medium of Interpreting

Methods of Effective Interpretation Cost Benefit Analysis

Each medium of interpreting has its own benefits and drawbacks and understanding when to use which medium is vital for ensuring high quality, cost-effective communication. The three primary media of interpreting are on-site, over-the-phone, and video remote interpreting. The term translation is the written medium and includes localizing your content to ensure it aligns with the community that will be viewing the content.

Over-the-phone Interpreting (“OPI”): use of telephone interpreters, typically on a speaker phone, to facilitate communication.

Video Remote Interpreting (“VRI”): use of computers, tablets and/or smartphones connected to a reliable internet source and equipped with quality webcam and speaker options to connect to an interpreter in real-time via both video and audio.

On-site Interpreting (“OSI”): live, face-to-face interpreting services.

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