Quality interpretation is critical to our shared success, and it is only possible by bringing you the best interpreters in the industry.

We are able to find and engage the best by setting high standards – your standards, and then ensuring that our interpreters meet them before ever taking their first assignment.

This is what we require of new interpreters:

  1. A minimum of one-year interpreting experience. Most interpreter exceed this. In fact on average, Propio interpreters have eight years of interpreting experience.
  2. A culture-fit interview. We only want interpreters who have a sincere desire to use their language skills to help people, and are passionate about what they do.
  3. A 150-question medical terminology assessment with a passing score of 90% or greater. While interpreters can specialize in different industries, ALL Propio interpreters are qualified to meet the needs of the healthcare community.
  4. A third-party oral test for medical interpretation with language rating of “technical proficiency” (3 or higher on the nationally-recognized ILR scale).
  5. A “mock” oral interpretation session. Interpreters are evaluated against 24 quality standards, and must attain a score of 80% or greater to pass.
  6. A full background check and security screen.
  7. A signed commitment to confidentiality, adherence to ethics, and HIPAA compliance.

Propio’s evaluation process conforms to interpreting standards defined by:

  • National Council on Interpreting in Healthcare (NCIHC)
  • International Medical Interpreters Association (IMIA)
  • California Healthcare Interpreters Association (CHIA)

Based on this high standard, on average only 20% of prospective interpreters pass the screening and interpret for Propio.

High Level of Quality

We not only engage the best interpreters, we ensure they stay the best with ongoing, random quality checks on actual interpretation sessions, multiple times throughout the year. We use the same 24 quality standards from our vetting process for new interpreters, and require the same passing score of 80% or higher.

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