Medical Terminology for Interpreters

This one-day workshop is a vital first step for professional interpreters.

Interpreters of all languages welcomed!

Two national job surveys/analyses showed that medical terminology is a critical component of the healthcare interpreter’s performance, and will be tested for both national medical interpreter certifications.

The day is packed with interactive activities that focus on Greek and Latin roots and affixes, medical specialties, ten body systems, diseases and disorders, symptoms, medical abbreviations, and more.

Each participant receives the 4th edition of our wildly popular handbook, Medical Terminology for Interpreters (retail: $60) that contains Spanish translations for almost all the terms and activities. Please note, however, that the workshop and handbook were also designed for interpreters who speak any other language.

This workshop is also an invaluable preparation for anyone who seeks medical interpreter certification.

There are no on-site courses scheduled at this time. Check back soon!