GALA, MICATA and Indiana Department of Health’s World Tuberculosis Day Event

MICATA: Mid-America Chapter of the American Translators Association April 14-15 After several years with a virtual conference, this year’s event was back in person. This year Xavi Domenech, our Director of Quality, presented on how the pandemic has changed our industry forever and the importance of technology in reaching every corner of the world (pictured … Read more

Propio Language Services Recognized by Slator, Nimdzi, Kansas City Business Journal and Ingram’s

After a few years of incredible growth, Propio Language Services continues to prove itself as a dynamic leader in the language services industry through the development of technology, the improvement of operations, and the diligent pursuit of acquisition. As a result, Propio has been fortunate to receive both local and national recognition. Ready to learn … Read more

4 Benefits of Telephonic Interpreting for Call Centers

4 Benefits of Telephonic Interpreting for Call Centers

Why is telephonic interpreting so important for call centers? The United States is more linguistically diverse than ever before. For call center agents who are responsible for providing customer service on behalf of an organization, the ability to overcome language barriers is key to providing a positive customer service experience when serving multicultural customers. When … Read more

ELL Students: The Importance of Language Access in Schools

The Importance of Language Access in Schools

The growing number of limited-English proficient students in U.S. schools highlights the importance of language access in schools and educational institutions. Approximately 4.8 million students in U.S. public schools have limited English language skills that impact their ability to learn in educational settings. Schools must, under Title VI of the Civil Rights Act of 1964, … Read more

4 Reasons Why You Need a Certified Medical Interpreter

Why do hospitals, clinics, doctor’s offices and other healthcare facilities need certified medical interpreters? According to the U.S. Census Bureau’s 2013 American Community Survey, over 61 million people speak a language other than English at home. That’s 20% of the U.S. population! If you’re a physician, nurse, hospital staff or anyone else in the healthcare … Read more