Joe Fackrell


Federal funding regulations require all healthcare organizations to “take reasonable steps to provide meaningful access to each individual with limited English proficiency eligible to be served or likely to be encountered in its health programs and activities.” Failure to provide that “meaningful access” can result in stiff fines.


Your organization must be able to prove that persons who have limited English proficiency, or who are deaf, are provided the services of an interpreter, and should have all key documentation in their native language. Using untrained, multilingual staff members is not acceptable if those individuals are not qualified, tested interpreters. A patient’s minor children may not act as interpreters, and the same prohibition covers adult family and friends who have not been tested, except in emergencies. In addition, you need to post notices of non-discrimination and fifteen “taglines” explaining that these language services are provided free of charge in the fifteen (15) most-commonly-used languages in your state.


SPOKEN LANGUAGE: $20/month/minimum: For more than 200 spoken languages, the Telephonic Interpreting Plan provides a total of 25 minutes of initial access each month at 80 cents/minute. If you need to use more that month, you’ll pay at $1.35/minute. These rates are guaranteed for the 12-month non-cancellable subscription.

AMERICAN SIGN LANGUAGE: $50/month/minimum: You will have access to Video Remote Interpreting with qualified sign language interpreters for up to 25 minutes in this 12-month subscription; if more than 25 minutes is needed within the month, the additional time would be billed at $2.05/minute.

DOCUMENT TRANSLATION: Used when needed, your investment would be $0.15/word for Spanish, $0.25/word for common non-Spanish languages, and $0.32/word for rare languages. A list of the common and rare languages is available upon request.

To put these plans into motion, contact Propio Language Services at:, call toll-free at 888.528.6692, Extension 1010, or click below to request more information.