Interpreter Network

Propio contracts with experienced interpreters who have demonstrated a clear record of professional achievement. The minimum standards to be a contract interpreter with Propio include:

  • Minimum of 2-year experience interpreting, including 200+ hours of interpreting
  • Familiarity with US culture and the client’s business (e.g. – healthcare, legal, etc.)
  • Native or near-native fluency in both working languages
  • Strong understanding of industry-recognized interpreting standards
  • Strong orientation to providing excellent service

Before contracting with an interpreter, Propio looks at whether they possess superior interpreting skills. Areas of assessment include:

  • Technical Vocabulary – must possess strong command of client terminology in both languages
  • Interpreting Protocol – must know widely-accepted standards for professional interpreting
  • Cultural Competency - must demonstrate they will comply with industry-recognized interpreter standards for culture brokering
  • Ethics - must demonstrate they will follow industry-recognized standards for interpreter code of ethics and holding all information confidential to assure compliance with privacy laws